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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Meizu Miniplayer M6

The New Chinese Meizu Miniplayer is 10mm thin and smaller than a credit-card (79mmx48.2mmx10mm). It features a 2.4" QVGA TFT-LCD screen include WMA-DRM10 support, photo viewer, movie player, FM tuner, voice recorder, games, study center, USB host and up to 20 hours per battery charge.

The Meizu Miniplayer M6 is supposed to be available in the United States in the near future. Pre-order of the Meizu MiniPlayer is available on and sells for $219 and is supposed to ship in August.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Windows Vista in the Hands of Asian Hackers

In their quest to rise the level of Windows Vista's security to standards unmatched by any of its predecessors, Microsoft is willing to take certain leaps of faith as the security of their product is concerned.

The sixth annual Hack in the Box conference in Kuala Lumpur will be the stage on which Vista's security inner workings will be on display in the proverbial lion's den. Presenting the new operating system's security details to a hacker community is not a new idea for Microsoft, as the Redmond Company has already announced that Vista will be the star of the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas. The initiative aims at harvesting underground resources in order to identify and exclude possible vulnerabilities in Vista before it hits the consumers.
"Companies know that fixing vulnerabilities in already-released products is always going to be much more expensive than finding and squashing them during the development stage," said Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, organizer of the sixth annual Hack In The Box deep knowledge security conference set for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September. "At the end of the day, it also doesn’t help an organization’s image when critical bugs are found which could have been trivially fixed from the start."

Dave Tamasi, a lead security program manager and Douglas MacIver, a penetration engineer will be the duo encharged of presenting Vista's security features and an analysis of potential penetration attempts.


Dell Laptop Explodes During Japanese Conference

The pictures are just too crazy to not pay attention to this story first seen in a vague report from The Inquirer. Apparently, during a conference in Japan, an attendee's Dell laptop computer essentially spontaneously combusted, resulting in multiple flame-producing explosions over the course of 5 minutes.

The conference was brought to a hault while employees at the conference worked to douse the flames. We don't have details about exactly what kind of Dell this was, nor what caused the explosion.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Zune - Microsoft's MP3

The picture shown is reportedly the final design for Microsoft's flagship MP3 device, obviously going for the non-busy look like the iPod. There had also been speculation of Xbox tie-ins to add game functions to the device, but it seems those rumors have been squashed. In fact, MS has been trying to keep the entire project under-wraps and denying a lot of the info that seems to circulate about it.

Anyway, assuming the picture is the real deal, it looks like the vertical screen certainly will be big enough to show you all the info that you need, like album cover pictures. The unit will come in a white color and possibly a black version as well.

The Zune is assumedly going to be ready for the holidays this year, though we don't know for sure what kind of price range Microsoft is thinking. It'll be interesting if Microsoft can give Apple the licking that they've most likely been wanting to do for years.

What Is RSS?

RSS stands for either "Rich Site Summary" or "Really Simple Syndication." But no matter what it's called, RSS is a new way to publish information online.

At the heart of the technology is special Web coding, called XML, that has been widely developed by the global online community over the past few years.

The XML code for RSS describes a new type of Web information called a "news feed." Essentially, the feeds can contain a summary and links of the new content on a Web site or anything else a creator desires to share. A company may publish an RSS feed that contains news of its latest products, for example. And anyone can pick up the RSS codes and with the appropriate Web software display the information automatically.

The concept is similar to how a newswire service operates: Information published by one news organization can be "syndicated" — picked up and displayed — by any other news organization.

This is my XML RSS

Firefox Version 2.0 Beta Candidate Released

Firefox fans, and browser junkies have an opportunity to get a jump on Tuesday's beta, as a public "release candidate" has been posted on the Mozilla FTP site. This nightly build is finally feature complete, although it's still not completely ready for mass consumption.

Firefox 2.0 include a horizontal scrolling capability for tabs, and an ability to close a tab directly from within the tab itself. The Options dialog has been reworked to include a horizontal, tabbed based interface, and numerous changes have been made under the hood.

This new version of Firefox also offers relief for early adopters of intel-based macintosh hardware. One tester on Digg was overjoyed, saying "Oh thank you lord, Firefox finally work correctly on my Mac Mini!"

You can download the Windows release candidate of Firefox 2.0 Beta 1 directly, along with Mac and Linux versions, but beware. It will overwrite your existing themes, and render existing extensions unusable. A "portable" version of Firefox 2.0 that will let you try without affecting your existing Firefox setup has also been made available.

Xbox 360

Microsoft announced its entry into next generation video gaming and entertainment
system by showcasing "Xbox 360", to be launched later this year and will set up
a retail network for its distribution across 7 cities.

"Xbox 360" will be available for consumers and the pre-order of the product will
start in June, The company would set up 1,200 retail centres across 7 cities,
including four metros, in the country, he said.

The Xbox system would have 20 titles at the launch and henceforth, 7-10 titles
would be added to it every month.

By June 2007, the company is expected to connect 6 million Xbox live
members across the world and the system would be available in around 40 countries.




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